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Tiara B.’s Avatar
Tiara B. Mar 16, 2018 243 views

How do you organize a fashion show?

I am asking because I want to be a fashion designer and soon exploit my work....


Jocelyn A.’s Avatar
Jocelyn A. Jan 03, 2018 304 views

I am in the 7th grade and I am just beginning to explore my future career, what are some careers and helpful next steps I should consider based on my passion and interests?

At school I am interested in teen living, while my hobbies include crafting and making things. A topic that I am passionate about is interior designing. What are some career options that I best align with these interests and what are some helpful next steps and high school courses I can do in...


Kira Z.’s Avatar
Kira Z. Mar 18, 2018 233 views

Are there any problems with entering college in the spring semester?

I've recently gotten accepted to a good college, but with admission deferred to spring semester. Once I get in, I'll be student just like any students, but I was wondering if there were any academic or social problems with not entering in the fall with most admitted freshman. Does anyone have...

college-admissions college

Nina E.’s Avatar
Nina E. Jan 16, 2018 276 views

How do I pay off student loans once I graduate college?

College is very expensive and no one has explained this part of the process. money...


Hannah K.’s Avatar
Hannah K. Jan 03, 2018 349 views

I am in 7th grade and would like to explore the life of an aspiring attorney, during and after law school, do you have any advice or insight on the matter?

I have always been interested in law and government and would like to become a lawyer to exercise those strengths. Although I would like to become an attorney I would like to know how it will effect my daily life. To be more specific, how long will it take me to pay off lones, how flexible...


Tamiya J.’s Avatar
Tamiya J. Mar 09, 2018 236 views

What route should you take when you don’t know what to major in ?

I’m currently in the 11th grade and I’m unsure about what route I want to take as far as majors. I’ve been thinking about studying psychology but i’m not sure if I look at psychology as something that I’m passionate about or just as a really interesting topic. I don’t know if it something I...


Sarah S.’s Avatar
Sarah S. Mar 06, 2018 292 views

How do I prepare for medical school?

I'm a premed that finished most of prerequisites, and my course load is relatively light now. I was wondering if there's anything specific that I could do now to help me succeed in med school...


Nirel G.’s Avatar
Nirel G. Jan 29, 2018 224 views

How does chance play into employment?

Is there ever a set path that is definitively stagnant, or do we always run into spontaneity?...


Blessing N.’s Avatar
Blessing N. Jan 24, 2018 1398 views

If I want to become a pediatrician, what major should I begin with?

I plan on doing a double major, so I would like to know which ones I should take to pursue a career as a pediatrician....


Ryan F.’s Avatar
Ryan F. May 15, 2016 530 views

Aside from security and law enforcement, what careers are available in the private sector for a degree in forensic science?

I am interested in a career in forensic science. All my research of careers, has been in the public sector. forensic-engineering forensic science career...


Grace B.’s Avatar
Grace B. Jan 03, 2018 417 views

What should I do if I want to work with animals and help train the animals?

I have grown up around horses dogs and cats and always wanted to learn how to train animals that I love most....


Ryan F.’s Avatar
Ryan F. May 15, 2016 935 views
Gregory B.’s Avatar
Gregory B. Mar 28, 2014 975 views

Psychology and Philosophy Compensation

What is the difference in pay between a psychologist and a philosopher? psychology counseling philosophy...


Jennifer V.’s Avatar
Jennifer V. May 24, 2016 636 views

What are the most important classes in the physical therapist field? How many credits do I have to take?

I love physical therapy, my mother broke her leg about four months ago, I stayed with her from the beginning of the process until the end, I watch how : doctors, nurses, and even physical therapist treated my mom. I felt in love with what they did for her.I want to know what are the most...

medicine physical-therapy college-advice physical-therapist

Lucia M.’s Avatar
Lucia M. May 07, 2016 590 views

How do I figure out what to choose as my major?

Everybody seems to have an idea about what they want to do. I don't seem to have any passions. college...


Jennifer V.’s Avatar
Jennifer V. May 24, 2016 671 views

I am going to study to become a physical therapist assistant in MCC by september, there are a requirement that estate that the student must be in a temporary class before entering the PTA program, why ? Why is it mandatory?

The reason why I am asking it is because, the career is for four semester only, and by being in that program it could take precious time. I want to know ,why does the student have to be in the temporary program.? physical-therapist physical-therapy medicine...


Kayla L.’s Avatar
Kayla L. Sep 01, 2017 343 views

Which academic programs would provide the best social networks to obtain a job in Forensic Psychology

I am currently a psychology major at Towson University and have found that very few schools offer forensic psychology which makes me worry that it will also be difficult to find a job in the field. I am interested in being a forensic psychologist and studying criminal behavior however, I want...

forensic psychology

Payton H.’s Avatar
Payton H. Sep 01, 2017 378 views

What kinds of research can I do as a psych major?

I plan to go into psychology, but I know that in order to get a job after college I'll need experience, so what kinds of research or experience can I get as a psych major?...


Makenna S.’s Avatar
Makenna S. May 15, 2017 626 views

i want to be a radio sales men

i LOVE talking to people . I also LOVE selling things . i also have a intrest in the radio radio...


shooy S.’s Avatar
shooy S. May 19, 2017 447 views

where is a good place to ranch cattle

because i want to know...


shooy S.’s Avatar
shooy S. May 19, 2017 432 views

what is a good truck for ranching

because i want to know...


shooy S.’s Avatar
shooy S. May 19, 2017 424 views

what cattle do you recomend for ranching

because i want to know...


Kassi H.’s Avatar
Kassi H. May 18, 2017 460 views

what type of vet would you recommend the most?

I love animals and don't know if i want to work with large or small animals...


Bill H.’s Avatar
Bill H. May 12, 2017 431 views
Alex  D.’s Avatar
Alex D. May 11, 2017 481 views

How much money does a veterinarian make yearly?

I want to know a good job that makes a decent amount of money and also works with animals. veterinary...


Daphne C.’s Avatar
Daphne C. May 11, 2017 558 views

How would you become an editorial assistant?

I love English and writing!...


shooy S.’s Avatar
shooy S. May 05, 2017 442 views

how much do get paid

because i want to know...


Luka G.’s Avatar
Luka G. Feb 17, 2017 1352 views

What's the difference between IB Literature SL and IB Language and Literature SL? Which one do colleges value higher?

I'm a sophomore in high school and I want to pursue the IB diploma. I was wondering to what is the main difference between IB Literature SL and IB Language and Literature SL, which one do colleges value higher, and is one harder than the other? college english language courses literature...

ib-diploma english-literature

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