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What is an employer looking for in a new employee?

Updated Rome, New York

I want to know what employers are looking for so i have everything prepared for when I go for an interview. (esp. in the Heavy Equipment Operators field) #career #construction #engineering

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Donald’s Answer

Updated Paoli, Pennsylvania

As a company owner, when I need employees to work at my company. I need people who are going to help us design, build and sell my products and services. I offer money, benefits, and opportunities for advancement, education and security too. So what are you offering me in exchange for these things?

Now some people are, in reality, offering to simply trade; their time for my money…they may, “need a job”, “want to work” or “need the money” and from my perspective…..I may need to hire some of these people to get the product or service out the door. ……But the people I really want (and need) are different….let me tell you who they are. The people I really want are those who are passionate about their work and are going to be the future of my company. They have done their homework and know what we do, how we do it and where we’re going. They want to be involved in moving the company forward and create the innovations and efficiencies that will increase our profitability, market share, and lower our costs. They are the people who consistently perform, help others and want to learn about everything that makes this company work. They know that every position in this company is important to make it run smoothly and efficiently – from the people who sweep the floors to create at safe environment to keep our injury rate (and insurance costs) low, to the people who design the high quality, reliable products we manufacture and sell. They know it’s a team sport and everyone has to play to make it function. They value and respect each of us who plays a part.

Not all companies share these attributes and it really does make a difference if you are not, cannot or are unwilling to fit into the work environment where you are seeking employment. So do your research. If you're fitting this description of the people I need, they'll be a company out there ready and willing to hire you!

Good Luck!

Don Knapik

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