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If PPE is provided and i choose not too wear it what would the punishment be?

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Donald’s Answer

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Hi Luke,

The punishment for failing to comply with PPE requirements can vary greatly depending on the company or activity being performed. The greatest penalty is the loss of a life, limb or perhaps an eye, or someones hearing. One persons failure could lead to injury of someone or many other persons. Losing one's job may simply be the best thing that happens when they are unwilling or unable to comply with PPE and other safety rules.

Most companies consider compliance with PPE rules as a condition of employment. It is not optional. If you want to work at a company and be successful, the last thing you want to compromise is on safety. If an employee is provided PPE, receives training on what is required, how and when to utilize PPE, the least punishment a person might receive for a first non-compliance would be a verbal warning, some companies might give a written warning for a second offense; rarely will there be a third time for the same issue. Those required to enforce the rules are held to the same standards.

Failure to enforce safety rules can have a huge effect on a company's bottom line dollars. Insurance is very expensive, injuries cost companies a great deal of money in productivity and delays in construction to say nothing about impact to the injured person or their family.

You might want to ask about what compliance with PPE and other safety rules means when companies are looking for people to promote......

Have a safe day,

Don Knapik

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Kelly M.’s Answer


Punishment for not wearing PPE has a large range of possibilities depending on your employer, project type, jobsite hazards and OSHA requirements.

At the harshest end, you could experience an injury or death due to failure to protect yourself. Just like while driving a vehicle, it might not be your driving that causes an issue - there are other drivers and forces in action that might cause the issue so you must always wear your seatbelt. While on a site that issues PPE, there are activities happening which have caused injuries or death to others and no one wants to see that happen to you.

I've worked on projects where the employee had been sent home without pay and projects where the employee was fired for not wearing their PPE.

If you find the company issued PPE is uncomfortable, invest in a good quality item you do like. I don't like company issued safety glasses so I buy my own and keep them clean and neat.

Don't let something that's made to keep you safe get you fired for not using it.

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Simon’s Answer

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You already have one good response. Here is another thought. There will be hazards in almost all types of work and employees don’t take accidents likely. As a matter of fact safety is the highest priority in the companies I have worked. To keep everyone safe employee participation is mandatory. In engineering, hard hats, safety shoes, safety glasses and sometimes ear protections will be require at plants and construction sites. If safety is an area that you are questioning, and wondering what the consequences are for non compliance, I honestly think that engineering is not the career for you. Not only for you and your fellow workers, but the designs and procedures must be safe. All this requires a 100% commitment from each employee. I hope this helps to show you how important safety is.

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MICHAEL’s Answer


like the previous answers it can vary. I have personally seen employees sent home for a day to a week, and on one project I was on I saw someone fired for not having safety glasses on while on the job site.

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