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In your experience, how difficult has it been to matriculate into an entry-level job with a mechanical engineering degree?

Updated Wellesley, Massachusetts

I am interested in pursuing this degree, in tandem with economics, and I was wondering what a mechanical engineer's experience has been like in getting a job... and when getting said job, what would it typically entail? Was/is the job fun? #mechanical-engineering #industry #business #first-job #engineering

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Kofoworola Elizabeth’s Answer

Updated Lagos, Nigeria

It is important to take summer jobs seriously. If you have the opportunity to take unpaid (or If you are lucky enough to get paid) summer positions every time you are on break then please do go ahead. Summer internship in your 3rd year will mostly be taken by all students. All your summer job experiences will give you an edge over others. It will show the company you are passionate about engineering and showcase you have experience beyond the four walls of a classroom.

The job is fun depending on your specialization.

Kofoworola Elizabeth recommends the following next steps:

  • All the best with your selection.
  • Let your summer internship role align with your interest. At times if you do exceptionally well, the company may offer you a place even before you graduate.
  • If you do study Mechanical Engineering. Find out what interest you while studying. Be it CAD, FEA, CFD etc. Building a career based on your interest will definitely make the job fun.