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How do I become a software engineer?

Updated Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
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There are actually ways to become a software engineer outside of the traditional process of getting a computer science degree --> work at a software engineering internship --> get a job after graduation.

In my case, I was a teacher before I became a software engineer. I was lucky enough to join an early-stage startup where I could teach myself how to code and learn on the job under a mentor. However, my case is usually pretty rare.

If you decide to become a software engineer after already having graduated or already working in a different field, a very popular option is to enroll in a coding "bootcamp" to get that foot in the door. A bootcamp is a very condensed crash course in the basics of software engineering to get you ready for an industry job.

Last updated Nov 14 '18 at 06:16 PM

Primary way to do this is through a Computer Science degree at university (bachelor, master, etc). It'll require background in math, good foundation in thinking logically, and the ability to program.

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Apart from the traditional route via a computer science degree, you can:

  • start learning to code now
  • share the projects you build
  • help people around you with software development needs: businesses, artists, non-profits, and many other kinds of organizations could use your skills
  • you now have experience writing software and applying it in the world and can be hired as a professional software engineer
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