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Do any current accountants/future accountants have any good advice for someone looking to go into that major?

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Alisa’s Answer


Accounting is a great major, which provides a lot of options for your future. I studied accounting and IT and can say I never regret my decision. Public accounting is a great place to start, but it is not the most thrilling/ enjoyable job. However, a few years in public accounting is a great pathway into a leading corporate position or finance. It is also an extremely stable job and always has a high hiring percentage (you are likely to graduate with a job). Additionally, if a student maintains outstanding grades many of the financial positions will be available to you as a graduate. It is a fantastic major decision and will provide many options for your future.

Kristi’s Answer

Updated San Francisco, California

I have a couple thoughts: I would first ask yourself why you are considering accounting as your major. Can you see yourself working in a fast paced environment that thrives on learning every day and thinking critically? Accounting is the language of business; accordingly, it's applicable to every business out there. I personally chose to major in accounting (and information systems) for these reasons. Also, public accounting/auditing isn't your only option with an accounting major, though it's one of the more common ones. You can also go into finance or certain consulting jobs!

I would love to add onto this advice - I completely agree with everything mentioned above. I would have to say that it provides you a top of the line background in financial understanding that many may not have even after graduating from a business background. Further, I find it great for expanding your opportunities after finishing your CPA designation as it gives you a leg-up from others looking for their next job.

Joshua’s Answer

Updated Salt Lake City, Utah
I never thought I would end up being an accountant. Accounting is less about being good at math and em solving, being detail oriented, and following the rules. I have always referred to accounting at "law for money". It is our job to make sure things are done correctly with money. It is very fun!
I'd love to add onto this advice! I also never thought I'd go into accounting and it's definitely different than I expected. I'm currently an auditor at a Big 4 and a lot of my job relates to interacting with the client and developing those relationships, writing and documentation, and project management in addition to the more technical accounting side. I would definitely focus on developing your interpersonal skills as well as your critical thinking skills and being detail oriented in order to be successful in a role in accounting!

Marissa’s Answer

Updated Boston, Massachusetts

Hi Allie,

This is a great question, and something I struggled with as well when I was trying decide what to major in. I always thought I would follow in my dad's footsteps and end up in the finance industry. However, I took some introductory business classes and found I had a knack for accounting - and liked it! I ended up majoring in Accounting and minoring in finance. I have worked for 3+ years at PwC, one of the Big 4 accounting firms. I've had the opportunity within the firm to look at core tax and specialized tax consulting, and I think the opportunities are endless at big firms where there are many facets to discover. Accounting in general is a great field and something you will always carry with you, best of luck!

Dave’s Answer

Be open minded about what you perceive the profession to be. Speak with others you are in the profession who can speak to the various avenues that can be taken in the industry. Also, before committing to the major I recommend taking an accounting or finance class to see if the subject is interesting to you.

David’s Answer

Hi Allie,

I think the most important thing for you when considering a major will be to take a class in the subject and see how it fits for you. I took an intro to accounting course in HS to avoid taking calculus as a senior, and when the material felt like it clicked, I decided to forego my science career path and applied to business schools.

If you take a class and it fits, that's awesome! If you don't feel like the material suits you, that's fine too! There's a bunch of opportunities in the business world, and they don't necessarily need to be in a specific major. If you expose yourself to the material, you'll have a better idea of what you're getting yourself into.

David recommends the following next steps:

  • Try an accounting course and see if it makes sense to you, and if you enjoy doing it. If not, don't force it on yourself. There are a ton of majors and fields related to accounting that are also great career opportunities. Don't focus on one area, expose yourself to them all and see what comes naturally. If you enjoy what you do, it's a lot easier to get up everyday and go to work.