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Midwife Nurse & Midwife Physician Assistant

What is the different certification, degree, salary and job duty between a midwife nurse and a midwife physician assistant? #physicians-assistant #nurse #physician #nursing #midwife

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2 answers

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Alicia’s Answer

Hi Cierra,
A nurse midwife holds a Master’s degree in Nursing (CNM). This means that she went to undergrad for 4 years and obtained. Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN). She then most likely worked for a few years as a nurse and then went to Master’s school for about 2 years. Typically CNMs will work with non complicated deliveries and the complicated cases will be handled by a physician. I would say salary is around 100K depending on where you live.

There is no such this as a midwife Physician Assistant (PA). PAs are trained as generalists and can specialize depending on where they work. To become a PA you need a Bachelors (4yrs) and then a Masters (2 yrs). You can certainly work in obstetrics but you will work under a physician and will most likely not be performing deliveries. If you want to perform deliveries, I would recommend becoming a CNM or a physician. Salary for a PA ranges from 80k to 130k depending on where you live and what specialty you are working in.

Take advantage of YouTube. There are so many videos on CNAs and PAs on there and even “a day in the life” videos.

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Hwal’s Answer


I'm a current PA student, so not an expert in becoming a midwife, but wanted to share some info on how to become a PA. Check the following link from the American Academy of PAs (AAPA) on steps to becoming a PA, as well as a link with info on PAs in obstetrics and gynecology:



Let me know if you have any questions about PA school. Good luck!