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Is it better to be a doctor than to be an actuary?


Both are lucrative careers but which would be a better option? #doctor #medical-school #college-admissions #actuarialscience #actuary

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Marie’s Answer

Updated Denver, Colorado

Hi Klees! This is such a great question -- and something that you'll never quite know the right answer to! I worked as an actuary for a few years (and went all through college thinking I wanted to be an actuary) but my father was a doctor and I've grappled with the question of if medical school would have been the better choice for a while. They're very different careers -- especially depending on what type of doctor you want to be. I'd say there are pros and cons for each...what are you most passionate about? Do you like to sit at a desk all day (actuary)? Do you want to interact with people regularly (doctor)? Do you want a lower-stress job (actuary)? Do you want to be in a more creative field (doctor)? I'd love to hear more about your reasons for being interested in both careers so that I can provide you with some resources about each career!

Marie recommends the following next steps:

  • Make a list of reasons why you're interested in both being an actuary and a doctor
  • See if there's a doctor near you or one you know that you can shadow for a day
  • Read more about being an actuary on beanactuary.org
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