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How do I create a resume?

Asked Chapel Hill, North Carolina

I've never had a job before #first-job

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Angela’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

Hi Clara,

Your resume gives potential employers an overview of your education, work experience and skills. I would start by googling for resumes to see the different types of formats and styles that exist.

Create a word document that contains:

  • your name
  • contact information: email, phone number
  • education: high school, college (include major)
  • experience: any employment experience and include your title, the start and end dates and a brief description of your role there. If you never had a job before, I would include extracurricular activities that you participated in and any volunteer experience.
  • skills: list any skills, which could include programs like Word, Excel or soft skills like time management, communication and leadership

Good Luck!

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