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Would it be worth transferring to another university where the cost of attendance is much lower and I know I will be able to pay for the cost without worrying about finances and loans?

Asked Woodlake, California

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Odina’s Answer

Updated Providence, Rhode Island

Hey Christian,

Having an affordable education is definitely worth the process of transferring. As someone that transferred schools after 2 years, I wish that Cost of Attendance was a factor I had considered earlier on. It's important to consider the monetary value of your education. Even though the school has a lower cost to attend, will the degree you earn have a better payout from that institution? It's a tough question to consider. "Go to an expensive ivy league or inexpensive state school?" Which decision will ultimately lead to long term financial wellness?

Odina recommends the following next steps:

  • Consider the monetary value of the education you would be receiving. Will it make a difference if you transfer?

Melissa’s Answer

Updated Grand Prairie, Texas
Absolutely! As long as the school you are transferring to offers the degree you are seeking to earn.