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What do I do if I'm still undecided?

Asked New York, New York

By undecided, I mean college major wise. Which major should I take to guarantee job security in the long run and a lifetime of not regretting picking that major? Also, I don't want to be stuck with a large student debt by the time I graduate.

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Dianne Michele’s Answer


Hi Jinky,

Just be carful with that if you are on financial aide (FASFA). I've seen people run out of money or the college said "you have too many credits, pick a degree because your being graduated." They could not finish with what they REALLY wanted to do.

I always suggest this. What is your hobby? Can your hobby be turned into profit? What steps are needed to make it happen? Find what you have a passion for and make it your career. Me, I love to draw house plans and I can watch DIY TV all day long. So I am in school for Architecture.

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