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Does it matter which medical school you go to?

Asked Ypsilanti, Michigan

If you want to become an emergency medicine doctor, does it matter which med school you go to? #medicine #doctor #premed #medical

2 answers

Sanaz’s Answer


It honestly doesn't. As long as you bring the grades and get the scores you need, your chances of matching to emergency medicine should be good. Please be advised, Emergency medicine has been gaining a lot of popularity over the years and is becoming harder to get into but not impossible. Its less about the school and more about how you do in that school. I would stay in the US though. MD or DO and avoid caribbean to increase your chances.

Dimple’s Answer

Updated Placentia, California

Very nuanced and complicated question. I would say like most things it depends. It depends upon what you want to do after medical school--do you want a job in academics or to just work clinically as a physician or do you want an administrative job. Depending upon how you answer this will guide you as to what medical school you should go to. If you just want to see patients and work as a primary care doctor then any US medical school will suffice. If you want an academic career then you should look to a tp tier medical school with opportunities for academic and research involvement. If you want to do medical administration then you may or may not need to attend medical school, its just how you would approach it.

also depending upon the specialty--some super specialized doctors only can work at larger university based hospitals--if that's the case then where you go to medical school may matter but where you decide on doing your fellowship would matter even more.