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How do you mange to juggle everything in life?

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Paul’s Answer

You have to make a list of your priorities and focus most of your attention and energy on the things that appear on that list. It is important to note that everything going on in your life is not a priority! You just treat everything like it is which may lead to frustration and stress when you have too many things to do and not enough time.

Try to focus on things that will improve your quality of life and discard things/people that take away from that or bring you down. With regards to people, if they are not helping you to achieve your goals or bringing positive energy into the relationship, let them go. If you have family members who do not inspire you to do your best or provide uplifting motivation, talk to them less. If you have a job that just stresses you out and is not rewarding, either work less hours or find a new one. If you have more than one hobby, sit back and think which one brings you the most joy and divert more of your time towards that endeavor.

In the end, you have to sort through your life and decide which things or people are not worth the energy they are consuming and cut back. Good luck.

I agree with Paul, most importantly once you figure out your priority's set boundaries . While at work try not to focus on family issues or projects. While eating dinner try not to focus on ways to jump start tomorrows presentation, take calls from your boss, complain about your colleague. Sure its ok to share but limit the extra time you spend on it. Likely if work made u unhappy and you spend that whole evening bringing it up . it becomes a snow balls effect and now you go to work the next day already on the offensive. Desiree Harris

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Ana Isla’s Answer

In order to juggle everything in life you must prioritize which are the most important things in life that you need to be happy and organize yourself in order to attain your objectives. Always be positive and avoid anything that prevents you from having the lifestyle you are most comfortable with.

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Karen’s Answer

Think of juggling your life as an opportunity to choose what you want to do and where you want to spend your time. Yes, there are some things we all must do (brush your teeth every day) and others which are the right thing to do (tell your parents you love them). But you can decide what is most important (earning big $, saving for the future, going to the movies, serving meals to the homeless, feeding the birds, etc.).

Might help if you make a list of things that are important to you and then go back and decide what is #1, #2... Try then to focus your time on the important ones. And when you feel overwhelmed, which happens to every one at some point, it's ok to take some time to just kick back and give your mind and body a chance to rest.

Hope you will feel good about knowing YOU are juggling what's important and feel good about it. With every good wish!