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Hey I want a professional answer from someone with as much experience as possible in interior design. I need to know lots about interior design to fulfill my dream of running my own business with my best friend.

Also anyone out there willing to help me with business management. Thank you very much

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2 answers

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Fabiola’s Answer

Number 1 - never run a business with a friend. You might end up loosing the friendship if the business goes South.

Number 2 - I am not sure what your question is... If you are asking about how to learn everything possible about Interior Design, I suggest you enroll in an Interior Design Bachelor Degree that is accredited by CIDA - Council for Interior Design Accreditation. I also suggest that you make sure this program prepares you to take the NCIDq (National Council for Interior Design Qualification) so you can be properly registered as an Interior Designer as many states require that you pass the NCIDq exam in order to register.

I hope this helps!

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Ron’s Answer

Hi Queen,

The initiative you are showing is great. I'm not an interior designer but I do have a business minor. I'd really recommend you take business courses at college and investigate either a business minor or possibly double major in interior design and business. The accounting skills you will learn about how to keep a set of books and the marketing skills will be so helpful as you attempt to get a bank loan or attract new customers.

Ron recommends the following next steps:

Take a college accounting course.
Take a college marketing course.
Reach out to an interior designer and ask to interview them.
Attempt to gain an internship or paid position at an existing interior design firm.