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Confused Future

I have been working as a Software Developer on Delphi and SQL for past one and half years. Now i am going for Masters in Computer Science. What skills do i have to develop so that i can get a job in Top companies in US like google,Apple, Microsoft? Please help me. Thankyou in advance #computer-science #computer-software #technology #computer-science #software #computer #jobs

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7 answers

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Mario’s Answer

Top companies don't usually look for knowledge on concrete technologies or programming languages. They usually give more importance to your attitude and your capacity to learn, be autonomous, and face new challenges.

As an example, I joined New Relic (a top company in monitoring systems) to be a Go language systems programmer, while I had been always Java Backend engineer. There is an accepted period of adaptation to new technologies and languages.

You need also to consider that top companies are always adopting state of the art technologies, and there is always a first time to adopt such new tech and tools. If a novel DB system raises, nobody expects that the senior architect that adopts is has previous experience.

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Saravanan’s Answer

You already experience in SQL so dont change your skills. Put some extra effort on Same domain.

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jill’s Answer

add Python to your SQL skills.

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Niranjan’s Answer

Focus on acquiring depth in your chosen majors. Networking, data structures are some areas that can help. You dont have to target specific companies but going deep.

Thank you for your response. Will try my best!! Revanth Sai Reddy V.

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Dinesh’s Answer


Since you already have good knowledge of SQL and database side, i would recommend to explore the Data Science Careers. As more and more industries see the benefit of using analytical data to improve business practices, big data and data science career opportunities are exploding. Data science related occupations are likely to enjoy excellent job prospects, as many companies report difficulties finding highly skilled workers. The good news is that there are a number of different kinds of paths that a data science career can take. The challenge is that it can sometimes be difficult to understand how these careers differ and what kinds of skill sets are required for each.

Here is the link which will help you to explore the suitable options.


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Rod’s Answer


As you have been working on SQL, I wonder if you would be interested in focussing on Data Science where there is demand.

Have a look at https://www.fast.ai/ and https://www.kaggle.com/ to see if this something that would interest you.


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Gerard’s Answer


My very first advise is you leave Delphi behind asap and switch to more demanded languages, nowadays the only word that comes to my mind to describe it is "corpse". There's a wide range of them and lately functional programming is hitting hard.

I guess that during the Master you'll need to use other languages but if you have time to practice and learn on your free time it will be a rewarded effort for sure. You already have development experience so the learning curve will be smaller.

Put some effort also on learning good practices like development patterns, clean code and other concepts like distributed systems, cloud & scalability.