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I had a phone interview for a summer internships two weeks ago and the firm principal said he would let me know what he decided but I haven’t heard back yet, is it appropriate for me to contact him and ask him if he’s made a decision?

Updated Berkeley, California

5 answers

Karen’s Answer

Updated Saint Paul, Minnesota

It would be fine to contact him but suggest you carefully word your communication. Begin by reminding him how much you appreciated his time and the information he provided during your interview. Very briefly highlight your greatest strengths, accomplishments and reasons you are a great fit for his organization. Instead of asking if he has made a decision, how about saying how you are really looking forward to his response.

This type of communication comes off as all positive and one more reason to hire you.

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Edan’s Answer


I agree with both Kim's and Karen's answers. I would probably approach it by sending a "Thank you" email if you haven't done it yet. Send an email saying that you really appreciated the time they took to interview you and learn about each other, and then add a note in the end saying you are looking forward to hearing from them about the next steps. By doing this, you are sending them the message that you are still highly interested about the opportunity and are also grateful of the people like them for providing internship opportunities to individuals like yourself. It shows a lot about your character as an individual. I hope this is helpful.

Racquel’s Answer

Updated Chicago, Illinois

See the steps below.

Racquel recommends the following next steps:

  • First, wait a few days.
  • If it's been over 5 business days, you can follow-up with the person you have been in contact with.
  • You should remain patient. Sometimes deliberation can take longer than they recommended.

Kim’s Answer

Updated San Antonio, Texas

Did he give you a specific date on when he would get back to you by, and if so, is it past that date? For future interview situations, always nail down a date, so you don't find yourself in this situation. "When should I expect to hear from you? Is it okay for me to contact you if I haven't heard from you by then?"

For this time, I would say yes. Without going overboard with platitudes, try to express that you are excited about the opportunity to work for that particular firm because _______.

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Jay’s Answer

Updated Raleigh, North Carolina

I think a follow up and request for update is a great idea. Following up is sometimes expected as a way to show you have initiative and are really interested in the position. I would suggest moving forward with future interviews that you always close the conversation on a clear understanding of next steps, how you could follow up with them, and then an overall summary statement of what you discussed and how you are the best fit for that hiring decision they are going to make.