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If my strengths are organization, being on time, being good with computer appliactions and my hobbies are reading, making stories, and playing video games, what type of careers or industries might best fit me?

I would just like to know the opinion of this question to see what will really fit in with my strengths and hobbies. #career

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2 answers

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Navya’s Answer

Think about options like a data analyst, a data scientist, a web developer, a UX designer etc. The qualities you mentioned are important and valued for many jobs. It depends next on what you like most, where you get more of what you want and also which job is highly paid. Figure out your top priorities in life and add them in the mix while considering your job search.

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Cindy’s Answer

With the list of strengths you have you can do many, many things. I would ask you a few other questions:

What kind of life do you want? (Family, Travel, Routine, Work from home, Working a lot of hours, all of the above?)

What makes your heart sing? (Solving a problem, Curing a disease, Climbing a mountain, Helping people, Planning, etc)

What can you do everyday, I mean everyday, that will keep your interest?

Cindy recommends the following next steps:

Do you have a mentor? If no, then find a person in a field you are interested in and have them tell you about their life and what the love most or not like so much.
What is a weakness that exhausts you? Is your weakness part of the day to day of the career you are considering after talking with the mentor? Maybe consider some other field, if it is a major part of the job.

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