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I'm a student studying Computer science engineering in India, what are the things/skills that I need to know for me to be ready for the "real world". I currently am thinking to learn Java programming. Is it a good step to start with, I know c/c++, but

I currently am thinking to learn Java programming. Is it a good step to start with, I know c/c++, and I'm really wondering what can I do with Java programming, where can I grt the job for Java and how will it be. And yes my grades are bad. I still have twoand a half more years with the college. I'm doing B.E. in Computer Science.
Any suggestions? #computer #computer-engineering

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3 answers

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Lionel’s Answer

Take initiative in all ways. Do a computer project on your own above and beyond schoolwork. Learn about databases. Put together a website bigger than 3 pages, Gather questions to ask professionals. Do extra credit to get the grades up. Focus more on the fundamentals than any one language as technology professionals must adapt to change. Best of luck ~ Lionel

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Wael’s Answer

Ram, my brother is a CS graduate. He scripts in C, C++, Java, Python, Bash, SML, MATLAB, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The more languages you know the more flexible and productive you would be in the work place.

Regarding your grades, CS is a challenging major, but you still need to keep an eye on your grades. Some companies put a lot of emphasis on them setting a minimum GPA for their applications. Try improve them and be ready to answer questions regarding your academic performance.

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Adrian’s Answer

There are many computer languages you can learn. For sure C/C++ and Python are very common. Also, GIT for version control.
More important to learn algorithms and methodologies.
-- Algorithm/Logic classes
-- Databases
-- Machine Learning
- - Artificial Intelligent
-- Hardware specific programing