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What activities can I do in high school to build my college applications with an interest in history and politics?

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2 answers

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Shannon’s Answer

Hello! As a high school student there are many things you can do to help "build" your experience for college applications. Specifically, in the areas of history/politics, you may want to volunteer with local agencies/business such as museums, government offices, and even assist teachers, professors or adjunct instructors at local colleges/universities with minimal tasks related to politics/civics. Also check with your local library or town hall for student programs that give students a glimpse at a career in civics/government. Basically, volunteering is the way to build a strong college application/student resume post high-school. Check out some of the websites listed...Best Wishes!




Shannon recommends the following next steps:

Check with teachers (government, social studies, civics, ) regarding assistant opportunities
Inquire with local government agencies (city hall), public library, museums regarding volunteering due to your interest
Review websites listed above

Thank you so much for your thoughtful response! I will definitely check everything out! Isabeth M.

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Beth’s Answer

Hello there,

I would suggest for your political interest, joining a debate team or forming a debate club if your school doesn’t have one. I did Model United Nations In high school and met lots of students from other schools that way. several my peers went on to have careers in politics. I’d also suggest learning as many languages as possible especially Mandarin Chinese characters.

For history, start a film club with a focus on historically accurate films. Or a book club of historical non-fiction.

Best wishes in your future!

Thank you for your answer! I am currently involved in debate club and I like the book club idea. Will definitely try to implement! Isabeth M.