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My name is Kevin Maupin and I am interested in the welding field.I could use some advice from someone who has experience in this career. Do you have time in the next two weeks to answer some questions I have about the welding field. Like what is a typical day in your job like? What do you like most/least about this career? Is your job typical of others in the field? How do people advance in this field?

I'm from Bowling Green, KY.#job

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Michael’s Answer

Safety meeting @ 7AM lasts 15 minutes giver take. Go to my work area and do the work assigned to me by foreman. My parts I repair weigh 300-600 pounds takes close to 8 hours to complete most parts. I have two 10 minute breaks and a 20 minute lunch break (paid) actually at work 8 hours not 8.5 hours. hit the clock go home and start again the next day.

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