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How long does it take for managers to ride up to the top?

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David’s Answer

Updated Appleton, Wisconsin

It really depends on the organization(s) your in, your aspirations and the field you enter, but I can offer a few simple things:

1) Set goals for yourself - where do you want to be an in what horizon. Create a plan that helps you get there. Your manager or other mentors can help you understand what it will take to get to "the next step" In addition, you may have to be willing to change companies or geographies for that next opportunity.

2) Assess if management/leadership is something you really want. Some people are better as individual contributors - and that's OK

3) Ultimately people are typically promoted because of demonstrated success - so deliver on commitments and make sure they are visible to others.

4) recognize that title isn't everything - it varies from company to company in terms of perceived level and compensation. What is a manager in one company might be a VP in another. Think about it as what level you want to influence in the organization.