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How often do i have to expect working with disrespectful, and possibly annoying peers?

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I don't want to get a career with rude coworkers, square boomers
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Kim’s Answer


Are you talking about Baby Boomers? Lots!

That is one of the biggest challenges in the workplace today - all the different generations working side by side. You have to find a way to get along with them. They (we) have to find a way to get along with you. Believe me, it's not easy for us either! The key is to understand where we come from, and why we are the way we are. (I can explain this if you want me to.) Then, try to find a common ground. For example, perhaps they have a 15 year old grandson and don't know what to get him for his birthday! You would be the ideal gift consultant. Or, maybe it's sports. Lots of people can talk sports- across all the generations.

When you look for differences, it will divide you even more. Try to find the common ground. No, it's not easy. If "We" are being "disrespectful" towards you, it's because we have a bad attitude too. Once you prove that you can do the job, and are a part of the team, that will change. Granted, you should not have to prove yourself to your coworkers, but, hey, that's kind of how it works. And, when you become the senior employee, and the new hire is a Boomer, now the Boomer will need to impress you. Sometimes it's not about age, it's about seniority on the job.