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I was checking through Cal State Fullerton and Cal State Los Angeles i saw Communication in Entertainment and Tourism and in LA Public Administration , my question is, does Communication falls under Public admin and which should I best go for if I want to work in Entertainment

My name is Munirat Abdullahi I’m an English Graduate and I want to study Communications or Public Relation to pursue my dream #public-relations #communication

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2 answers

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Rekha’s Answer

Hi Munirat-

I too went through similar questions when I was applying (long time ago!). Frequently, Communications degrees and programs are listed under Public Administration or Fine Arts. Just make sure you confirm that the program indeed focuses on the core meaning of the term. That said, if you know you want to work in Entertainment for sure, then go for the degree with focus on "Entertainment and Tourism" as you've listed. One thing to consider is the specialization benefit also could narrow you down to that one field after you graduate, whereas a generic degree will allow you to keep your options wide open -- should your interests change over the next couple of years.

Rekha recommends the following next steps:

Confirm if each or both programs offer what you hope to gain out of it.
Ask yourself if you're positive to focus only on the entertainment industry or want to keep your options open.

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Teresa’s Answer


It depends on what you want to do within Entertainment. However, I do want to clarify that Public Administration is dealing with implementation of government policies and programs. Public Relations is the spread of info between an individual or an organization and the public. Keep in mind that PR is also a form of communication. Communication deals with the messaging and info you want communicated and PR will be how the messaging and info is communicated to the public. I recommend reaching out to the universities for more information and clarification on how their programs can help you achieve your goals.