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what id diffrent between software engineering and information technology

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13 answers

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Preethi’s Answer

Software engg is the science of developing a software, product, etc anything that uses a certain programming language to develop a product.

IT is mostly a support organization in a company that supports Infrastructure, network, data security, operations, internal systems and enhances productivity. You can still use programming language to develop products within an IT organization to support sales and operations of a company

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Tim’s Answer

Software engineers write computer programs. Often in languages like Java, Python, Javascript. Many software engineers work for specific software engineering businesses (like Google or Microsoft, but there are many many smaller companies and startups) which then sell the software they develop to other companies (like Johnson & Johnson).

Some software engineers work inside companies that run the software they write. For example most large banks have specific software engineering groups as do other large companies (like Walmart or Target).

Information Technology (IT) professionals work inside companies that run software. These people are focused on operating the software (for example being a Salesforce administrator, running a webserver), or in managing laptops and servers inside a business. Not all IT professionals can write computer programs (although increasingly they are being asked to do so).

This line is somewhat blurry, there are many software engineers that also operate and configure the software they build, and there are some information technology professionals that write some of the computer programs they operate.

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Anand’s Answer

Simply put, one is a subset of the other. Information Technology (IT) is an overarching discipline. Software Engineering, which is specifically focused on the science of creating software, is a subset of IT.

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Michael’s Answer

There is some overlap between the two occupations:
Software engineering is primarily focused on creating and maintaining software applications for an internal or external customer.
Information technology is very broad and can cover many roles, but it is usually focused on supporting the infrastructure within a large enterprise company. This could be hardware such as storage and servers, internally used enterprise applications, or permissions within a company software.

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Bhabani’s Answer

Information technology is all about networking of computers , and creating distrbuted systems.

Software Engineering is all about timely design, development, delivery and maintenance of softwares to their respective customers. It the study and practice of the process of software development.

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Deepak’s Answer

"Software engineering is related to development of software products/solutions using industry best practices and processes. So it uses programing langugages, platforms( PAAS ), OS and middleware( IAAS ) and processes like Agile to deliver products consistently with time and quality.

Whereas IT is related to use of computers or software to store,retrieve, transmit and manipulate the information like buisness data, customer data or even personal information. So it is a integrated system of hardware and software to support information management."

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Hatim’s Answer

Software engineering deals with the development of software applications.
Information Technology includes all aspects of dealing with information which would include software engineering.

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Clay’s Answer

Great question! Software engineering is highly developer focused with writing code and pushing deployments to production for applications run by the business. IT is how the business runs digitally in-house, and more end client-focused i.e. accounts/computers/monitors.

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Vineeth’s Answer

The Differences are

Software Engineering

* Software engineering deals with the development of software applications to help and define the business.
* Software engineering specifically means software development, analysis, design, programming - creating new software or maintaining/modifying existing software.
* Software engineering, on the other hand, has the more limited objective of creating the abstract set of instructions used in the construction of various systems. Keep in mind that software can have different functions, such as a game, an operating system, or part of something that is used to run a business.

Information Technology

* Information technology includes all aspects of information processing, which includes software engineering.
* IT (information technology) is a general problem for the industry at present, all the work that mainly refers to the operation of computers or its development falls within the "IT industry/sector".
* The IT career includes the installation, organization, and maintenance of computer systems, as well as the design and operation of networks and databases. Information technology can attract more people who prefer to work in teams or directly with clients and customers.

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madhulika’s Answer

CSE: Computer science engineers are involved in many aspects of computing, from the design of individual microprocessors, personal computers and supercomputers to circuit designing and writing software that powers them.
IT: Information Technology deals with the use of electronic computers and computer software to store, protect process, transmit and securely retrieve data. IT professionals perform a variety of tasks that range from installing applications to designing complex computer networks and information databases.

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Software Engineering specifically means developing software, analysis, design, programming - creating new software, or maintaining/altering existing software. This is very different to a technical role. The skill set is quite different, technical support guys are not necessarily programmers and (contrary to a lot of non-IT peoples' belief structures) software engineers are not necessarily any good at technical support
In Morocco, to be an IT, it's required to study programming in general for 2 years.. but to be an engineer , you must study at least for 5 years , technically... the software engineer is somemone who not only writes programs, but he takes security, flexibility and reusibility in mind. An IT can only be specialized in either security,flexibility or reusability.

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Kyle’s Answer

If you are asking in terms of what you can expect to learn from earning a degree in Software Engineering vs Information Technology then:

Software Engineering students focus more on learning:
- how to design, build, and test software
- programming languages (ex. Java, C, Javascript, Ruby, etc.)
- algorithms and logic

Information Technology students focus more on learning:
- about Information Security
- how to manage software development teams (AGILE principles)
- database management
- technical support

While each path focuses on the above, they definitely overlap. So Software Engineers students will learn some of what Information Technology students learn and Information Technology students will learn some of what Software Engineers students.

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Shweta’s Answer

Hey Yashvi,

Great question, Software engineering focuses mostly on the software design, development and testing (upto some extent). Software engineers use different programming languages and tool to write the softwares for different industries like telecom, retail, banking, gaming, multimedia etc.

IT (information Technology) combination of hardware and software. its mainly deals with how the information is being stored, managed and transmitted securely. Now a days all the companies uses the computer and databases to maintain their information. mostly all the companies has their own IT department which deals in all such aspect.

Good luck