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Is is advantageous to start a business as an online business before opening up a physical store? Is this a good way to build a costumer base and save up money for rent and other expenses?

Asked Madison, Wisconsin

My sister and I are hoping to own our own small business in the future, selling handmade items. #business #real-estate #small-business

2 answers

Mario’s Answer

My niece did this while in junior high school for charity. To formalize your business an online presence is less expensive for operational costs. A typical small business spends about $4000 per month in advertising their online business at the moment. To get ahead as Kristan states, "build a following." Start on social media, on as many platforms as you can. Ys you can and show your designs, build an exchange for your items and obtain solid followers. They will eventually become the functional customer base to support your online endeavor.

Kristan’s Answer

Updated Los Angeles, California

I think it is a great idea to start out online and you could also have a physical presence as a pop-up or events. It could even be a weekly gig at a farmer's market. While you are in this phase of your business you have the opportunity to fine tune your brand and your story as well as engage with customers both online and in person. Be open to feedback both positive and less than positive-it is invaluable marketing language and helps you to refine your inventory. Good luck. Feel free to reach out to me if you need more assistance.