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Need of math within Arts & Humanities

I'm going into the Arts & Humanities and was wondering to what extent would I be using IB math within the course areas of a Bachelor of Arts. #math #math #c #art

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4 answers

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Herman’s Answer

It depends on the precise path and courses you end up taking, but overall, you shouldn't expect to need to use too much math (beyond any basic math requirement that your school may have - this likely won't necessitate you using your IB math background to the fullest extent). For example, if you study english, anthropology, etc., you won't need math.

As mentioned though, there are some areas within the "arts & humanities" bucket where some sort of math may be needed. For example, if you end up taking up an economics major (in Canada, economics is usually a BA), you should expect to need to go through some math courses. At the lower levels, if you're just taking courses (and not a full fledged major), you may be able to get away with just basic math and graphical reasoning (i.e. no need for calculus, linear algebra, etc.).

There are other subject areas where you also run into a bit of statistics. This is more so the case for social sciences, but it's possible that you could end up taking courses in those departments while in the humanities.

I encourage you to take a look at the course requirements for majors of interest at your target universities. They list all of the courses that need to be taken as part of the program. Each course will also list the prerequisites needed, so you'll be able to tell if math is required!

Example from UBC:
English Major: http://www.calendar.ubc.ca/vancouver/index.cfm?tree=12,197,282,71

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Grace’s Answer

One benefit of taking IB math now is that it may satisfy math requirements for your university degree. I took advanced science in high school that later satisfied my college science requirement, freeing up those credits for classes I could apply to my arts and humanities major, or even just something fun you want to take instead! Or even just a lighter semester to allow for things like internships or study abroad or other school activities. Take it now and enjoy the benefits in the future!

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Brittany’s Answer

For many areas of study within in a Bachelor of Arts degree, you're taking a standard set of humanities courses and then progressing into courses specific to your major as you continue on in your academic career. If you're not planning to take on a major that is math heavy (and you can see what each major will require of you on the college/university website), then you will likely only need to take one or two math courses. Also, if you're coming into university having already taken an advanced version of a math course (like an AP class), you can even sometimes get that to count towards your required math classes!

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Ricardo’s Answer

It may not help you for having a Art and Humanities career or maybe you'll need some basic science. But I have learned in life that actually some general courses at school helps you in life. Som Chemistry, Phyisics and Math may be hard, but learning them and solving all does problems and doing the homework, will make tour brain ready for having a solving method for every problem in life. So beside all does numbers, look for the big picture that is solving problems. There will be many challenges in life son get your brain ready for them.