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My first question is on the programs for nursing, I know every college is different with requirements and courses, but how exactly does the beginning for college classes look to the end typically! My next question is, in that time of school, how rigorous

Hello! I really love to help care for others and love a fast paced work environment! I've been working at a Scripps Encinitas hospital. I also work at a cupcake store and as a lifeguard, camp counselor, & swim instructor at the wave waterpark! I have always wanted to be a nurse for the NICU or ER, and have a few questions. #nursing #health #pre-med #nurse-practitioner

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3 answers

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Zee’s Answer

Nursing is a difficult major. In order to get into many BSN and ADN programs you have to take pre-requisite classes such as English composition, Algebra, chemistry, Biology etc..... Once those are completed you can apply to a nursing program.

Most nursing programs are extremely hard to get into so you have to study hard in order to get a competitive GPA to get admission. Once in the nursing program classes are difficult. Most programs you have to get a 72% to pass.

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Teresa’s Answer

Dear Megan,

It sounds like you are good at multi-tasking from your description of the work you have been doing. I think that will really help you as a nurse! Zee was correct in her answer to you, but I would add that if you WANT to do the work then you CAN do the work- You just need to focus on the classes you are currently enrolled in and work hard to get to the next step.

You will need to be prepared to study hard when you start school, and keep working til the end- but it is SO worth it! Each year of your education builds a foundation for the next year. You will start out learning basics and by your last year you will understand the systems of our body and how disease can affect it- And you will better understand what nurses need to watch for as complications and how to apply a care plan to a patient based on their many needs. Caring is an important aspect of becoming a nurse- and it sounds like you have that part!

Best of Luck Megan, on pursuing your dream!

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Jana’s Answer

Just to add to the good advice you have already received, I would encourage you to start a Bachelor Science of Nursing college program. They are very challenging, but from what you have said, it sounds like you are extremely motivated. A BSN will place you in a better position for your career and profession. You want to strive toward an advanced practice nursing degree. Some programs incorporate the graduate component in the undergraduate degree. Some time in the near future, all nurses will be advanced practice nurses.

Best wishes Megan!