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Is majoring in business management the biggest mistake I could make?

Asked Henderson, Nevada

My plan right now it to be an event planner, but I and straying from majoring in hospitality because my dream school doesn't offer that major. Though I have the hopes of possibly opening my own venue one day, is it a huge mistake to major in business management? #business #management #hospitality #event-planning

4 answers

Aneesa’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

Hi Allison,

Honestly, I wouldn't put "Event Management" under "Hospitality" anyways. While some parts of it are intertwined - for example working in a hotel where you'd deal with event planners from different organizations on a regular basis - Event Management is more likely under communications, marketing or advertising in your school.

That being said, business management should be a nice, well-rounded degree and you can take that into a variety of fields. A degree in business management would be a big asset if you intent on owning your own business ( event venue or other) because you'll learn a lot of valuable skills that you can apply to your own career.

If you decide to go into business management, I'd recommend doing some volunteer work or internships with a special events agency in your area to get you some exposure and experience.

Israel’s Answer

Updated Bogotá, Colombia


I've been a musician all my professional life (which began at the age of 12). Today, I'm a music producer and audio engineer; I own recording and rehearsal studios; I run an event production company (concerts, artist management, booking); for many years I worked in the hospitality industry as an AV Director: I majored in Business Administration. My point is yes it is very useful and opens the door to several possibilities. You can always do additional training specific to event planning that will surely be an asset for you. There are specific skills that should be mastered to be successful in that industry, namely regarding customer and venue relations, negotiation with service and product providers, and understanding how hotels, airlines and convention centers operate, among others. However, keep in mind that nothing really replaces experience. Whatever you study will only give you a basic understanding and it's up to you to develop your interests and expertise in order to make your own space and fill it. Furthermore, if you ever consider working the non-profit sector, a major in B.A. will be an advantage for positions such as Executive Director.

Good luck


Doreen’s Answer


Absolutely not Allison! Your management skills will come in handy regardless of what and where you eventually end up - That is, be it running your own business, in your personal life, or managing a larger organization/working for someone. The opportunities are endless. Personally, I had one of my first degress in Computer Networking and then Public Relations - but I realize now that my educational background in Management helps me to deal with the day-to-day challenges that my new role in marketing brings. To add to Tony's suggestion, you could also volunteer your talent in the management field for an NGO or other businesses to see if it's the best field for you. All the best.

Tony’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

To support Allison's great response, I'd like to suggest you connect with people in the event planning industry and request informational interviews to understand their background and how they are successful in their role.

Google how to do an informational interview (you are building your comfort and knowledge with the industry while also making contacts that may help you with getting into the industry).

If you don't know anyone in the industry, try to reach out to friends and be confident enough to cold call planners in your area.

Best of luck