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After committing to my College of choice I have found out that I can not afford it. Are there any steps I can take that will help me pursue getting additional help in order to attend ? Scholarship and grants have not worked in my favor as of yet?

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I ask because I have pretty much put all my eggs in one basket, after being accepted I went ahead and committed, paying my deposit and housing fee,waiting on financial aid only to find out I didn't get much aid (although my parents don't make that much money) I guess I was over estimating that I would get more than what was offered,and now that I haven't I don't know what to do. I really want to do anything I can to attend this university,without putting my parents or myself in financial dire straights....Please help. #scholarships #financial-aid #grants

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Amy’s Answer


Hi Kaitlin,

If you've already accepted and put in a deposit, there might not be much you can do for this year other than take out some loans. I would continue looking for scholarships both at the local and national level. Are you going away to college or going somewhere near home? If you're going away, you may want to consider becoming an RA next year. It's a tough job, but you'll get free room and board usually. If you're going somewhere nearby and living at home is an option, I would strongly consider that. You may also want to look into programs like AmeriCorps. You'd have to take a break from classes for 10 months to a year, but you will get money to put toward your education.

Best of luck to you!