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What are classes in highschool that can get you a job as a public relations specialist?

I am 13, I'm in 8th grade. I love reading, writing, and rapping. I recently found out about public relations and I've fallen in love with it... Are there any classes I an take in high school that will strengthen my skills in public relations? #marketing #communications #public-relations #social-media

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7 answers

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Ginger’s Answer

Definitely look into classes which will strengthen your communications capabilities such as writing, technical writing, research, etc. If your school has a mock trial or debate team, that is a great way to practice public speaking and thinking on your feet. You'll want to make sure you always research a topic, so any courses which allow you to research and present are always key. In addition, make sure you take advantage of any writing classes, as grammar, punctuation and the ability to correctly cite sources are also strengths you will need in public relations. Lastly, this is not really something that can be taught, but it is something that we as human beings can always work on, and that is the need to take a step back and calm down before responding. So many people act quickly and respond to various public topics while emotions are running high. Always remember to maintain a very level head in your communications and even if the subject is emotional, let your communication remain consistent. Since you love to rap, use that as a personal outlet for your emotions when necessary, but keep the public relations persona separate and emotion-free. That allows you to use both sides of your interests. :)

Even though I'm not in that field presently, I have previously worked in a number of PR capacities and can tell you that one of the most prolific things you can do is learn how to present yourself in a professional manner via social media or any digital outlet. Always proofread anything you post in order to get into the habit of checking for errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. I cannot tell you how many times I have witnessed someone lose credibility simply because of a basic spelling or grammatical error.

I think it's awesome that you have already recognized a love for this field and that you're looking for ways to strengthen your skills at an early age. You're already laying down the foundation for a great future!

Ginger recommends the following next steps:

Join a mock trial or debate team.
Strengthen spelling, grammar and punctuation skills.
Get in the habit of proofreading before submitting or posting.
Use your rap skills as a creative outlet.

Thank you so much for the advice g L.

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Helen’s Answer

I love that you are already thinking about your career path -- Communication classes will be an area you will want to focus - not just speaking but also print and media.

Look into joining the school newspaper or blog to get exposure to delivering written communication as well as honing your interview skills.

The school yearbook department will also have skills that you can work on in writing, advertising and communicating with the public.

If the school has a radio station or podcast these are also great venues for media communication to get you exposure and experience.

Speech Classes such as the Debate Team or Mock Trials are great sources to work on opposing views and how to tactfully navigate your communication around a cause.

Psychology and Social Science courses are great opportunities to understand how people think and feel as well as understanding the difference in societal views.

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Anny’s Answer

Hi! How exciting to discover an area of interest, a future career.

Public relations is also known as Corporate Communications or Media, depending on the company. Despite the differences in the name, the day-to-day responsibilities may be the same. One change is that the number of ways by which information is shared out has grown. In the past, you may contact media outlets (newspapers, TV) to share out news. Now, this has broadened to include social media.

I would agree that strong communications skills are necessary for this field. This includes written and verbal skills. So, yes, joining a debate team would be great. I would also add that any additional skills that you bring would be helpful. If you are interested in math, for example, this might translate to an ability to communicate financial information or scientific information. One of my friends spends a lot of her time with investors, communicating the value and future of her company.

However, I would add one more course for you to take: ethics. Since you are thinking of entering a field which involves persuading people and shaping how people think, you may be involved in deciding on how to shape the information you share. Ethics classes may help you determine: Do the arguments you are advocating for make sense? Are they backed up by facts? Will fair-minded individuals agree with what you have to say? All of this is about develop a level of trust between you and the people you are communicating with.

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Laura’s Answer

I would suggest taking classes in the following:

-public speaking so that you're comfortable talking to a large or small audience
-speech and debate so that you can see both sides of an issue
-mock supreme court so that you are well versed on issues of the day
-communications because understanding and listening are extremely important
-writing because you will do a great amount of this when compiling reports, studies, email, speeches, etc.
-psychology because it's important to understand what makes people tick and why

All of these classes make up a specific aspect that leads to a successful public relations career.

Thank you so much. g L.

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Bryce’s Answer


I would definitely look into classes that are going to improve your language arts and communication skills. For example, classes like professional writing or journalism to improve writing skills. To improve speaking skills I would look into a public speaking class or communications class. There are a lot of options It just depends what your school offers, but I would recommend taking any language arts class.

Thank you very much g L.

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Warren’s Answer

Look into creative writing and debate course work.

Thank you so much g L.

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John’s Answer

There are already a lot of great suggestions above specific to your question, but I would add that you can be creative and have fun and learn outside of school as well. Create your own video series where you interview people of interest. This will help you develop your skills in interacting with a range of people and personalities and drawing out their stories in interesting ways. Over time, you will also be building up a great sampling of "your work" to share with prospective colleges, companies etc.