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I want to be an interior designer, but i’m not good at drawing at all and that scares me. Should i give up this profession? I know that i love creativity and decorating, but i’m really bad at art. I don’t know what professon to choose.

I’m a free thinker, i dislike logic and i love freedom.
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3 answers

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Bill’s Answer


I would not give up if you have passion for a chosen field. I started in architecture, not the best 'artist' however learned the basics and became a fairly competent designer. It is a learned art and you can succeed by working hard at your craft. Frankly, it is more important to have an eye for design, color and texture. Interior designing is all about the combination of all three attributes and how they can enliven and transform a blank palate. Stick to it, work hard and you will be successful!

Best of luck in your future pursuit.


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Elena’s Answer

Hey Austeja - I'm going to answer you with a quote:
“It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.” - Teddy Roosevelt
Don't go too hard on yourself, especially when it comes to judging your art skills. Remember that nearly all famously skilled people have failed a million times before they got good at their crafts.
Have you tried breaking down what exactly you find "bad" about your art? How can you work on it? Can you take a class, or watch tutorials on it?

Like you said, you are very creative and that will be the driving force for your designer career, if you so decide. Even if you tried a million times to improve your drawing skills, and are still not satisfied, there is a multitude of other tools designers use - crafting, sculpting, sewing, computer software, scrapbooking, etc - to get their ideas across.

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Leslie’s Answer

Please stick with it! I was in this exact position when I was an interior design student. I never did well in the classes based on projects but did do well when a class was graded on tests. This showed that I understood the concepts of design. In the real world, you don't need to make elaborate boards and presentations to clients to get your idea across. Most clients will be impressed with even the worst drawings as they really cannot draw and cannot get their ideas down on paper like you can for them!

There are a lot of jobs within the design industry that do not require you to be able to draw. You can hire interns to do the drawing :) You can go into the furniture world, which is where I ended up and loved it. The possibilities and opportunities are really endless. It just takes some exploring and trust in yourself!

I recommend trying out design through an internship. You will find your strengths which will guide your career path. Don't give up! The traditional interior designer role you learn about in school is not the only way forward. You will find many ways to share your talent with the world if you stick it out. Good luck!

Leslie recommends the following next steps:

Find one or more internships, possibly in different areas of design