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How do I know if I’m sure that I want to be in this field

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7 answers

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Ryan’s Answer

Doing what keeps you interested and makes you happy is absolutely important. Personally, I don't recommend staying in a certain study or field just because you perform well or have the knowledge required. It really goes beyond that. If you have a high interest in it, the skill set required, and it even brings you joy then you're probably in the right place! If you're just studying/practicing that study because it pays well or you have the skills, it might take some more consideration. For me, I began college as a chemistry major because it interested me and I was able to perform well in the subject. However, I came to find out that I did not enjoy the practice of it as much, but yet I stuck with it anyway for an extended amount of time for the argument that I knew it was hard and it paid well. After some time, I decided to take a step back and reevaluate my situation. For me, it was as simple as visiting my university's directory, scrolling through all of the colleges and degrees, and pointing my finger immediately at the ones that made me the most excited and gave me that instinctual urge to change my major. Then I researched each study in depth and decided which ones I had skills/strong interest in and knew I would love. Lo and behold I am now a Management Information Systems major who is excelling in his classes and getting ready to graduate. I never would have imagined myself studying and aiming to have a career in something like this, but this is absolutely the best fit for me. So, to wrap up, my advice is to listen to your doubts and take a step back and look around. Look at friends and family and their professions, look at different schools and what they offer and listen to your gut instincts, but obviously still your skills and knowledge!

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Dasha’s Answer

Make sure you are enjoying what you are doing! Do you enjoy the materials presented in class? Does that specific career interest you? Does it align with your personal goals and values? Talk to people in the field that you are interested in joining. Talk to your advisors maybe they will have some advice for you on what you might enjoy or be good at. Also consider what other careers are in that field before you move on too quickly.

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Madison’s Answer

Hello! I would ask yourself this: "What do I have to offer to this field? What are my skill sets?" Really break down those answers to see if this is a fit for you. I had to change my major atleast three times before I found my fit, which is Public Health. I knew I wanted to still work in healthcare and that I enjoy the more corporate side of the work environment.

Another thing to make sure you know for certain you want to be in that field is doing research. You have to take the time to really evaluate yourself and what you want to do. You never want to have a career you are not happy in. I hope this helps and I am more than happy to answer anymore questions that you have.

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Richard’s Answer

Try to find opportunities to pursue research.
Volunteer at your local hospital or low-income clinic. Ask physicians, PAs or other clinical providers if you can shadow them.

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Yasemin’s Answer

Hi Ev! I think this is a pretty good question because medicine is definitely something to make sure you are certain before pursuing it. It takes time and dedication and everyone has a different reason for why they would like to be a physician. My advice would be to get experience, doing well in classes and labs are important academic wise because these topics will come up many times in the field of medicine and be expanded upon, however receiving experience with patients is also crucial. You want to see how you feel about helping patients and being in an actual medical setting; I volunteer in the ER (even though for now it has been halted due to COVID) and I love it. I'm able to help others and see the reality of medicine which only made me realize how much I truly want to pursue this field. Shadowing a physician would be also helpful because it would give you an opportunity to see the daily life of an actual physician and the tasks they go through throughout the day. As a last note check out AAMC.org, because there are many resources there and advice for individuals interested in pursuing the medical field. It can be difficult to make sure if a certain field or major is right for you but I think with time and experience you will be more definitive in your choice!

I wish you the best!

Yasemin recommends the following next steps:

Check out AAMC.org

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Irlande’s Answer

Try to find a field that makes you happy. If you enjoy the work or the field of study that will make you feel better about it. Find your passion and focus on that. For example, if you like helping others but don't like seeing blood. You can still help in other areas within the medical field - you can become an executive at a hospital as an example.

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Doreen’s Answer

Hello Irlande!
The key to career happiness is to find a job that allows you to do things that you love doing every.single.day.

The best way to find out if a particular job is the right one for you is to talk to several people doing that job and ask them what they most often find themselves doing in their work week - What specific activities take up the majority of their time?

Take that list of activities and ask yourself - which of these do I love doing? Which of these do I hate? Which would I tolerate?
I'd recommend that you evaluate a few different jobs at the same time using this method. The "winner" is the one where you will do the most things you love each day.

Best of luck to you!