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How do I become an evolutionary biologist?

Updated Boynton Beach, Florida

Evolution is a passion of mine, and I want to have some input on the life of an evolutionary biologist, or any other career involved in evolution. 1) What path of education would you take to enter this career? 2) Has it been satisfying, and does the passion still ring true? #science #biology #chemistry #evolutionary-biology #evolutionary-psychology

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Vernon’s Answer

Updated Kingsland, Texas

Well, natural history museums are groaning under the weight of fossils and literature explaining the evolution of....evolution. Go to a good bookstore and look for books written by paleontologists, geologists and other evolutionary biologists.

For starters, Google search for Michael J. Novacek, Ph.D. He is the most prominent evolutionary biologist at the American Museum of Natural History. Next, search for Dr. Jacques Gauthier, Ph.D. He is probably retired now, but he chaired the department of vertebrate paleontology at Yale University. The writings of Stephen J. Gould will also expand your knowledge base.

Perhaps beginning with "On the Origin of Species" by Charles Darwin himself kicks off the basis for modern thinking and makes the pragmatic shift away from religion-based science toward the factual.

Your course work in college should include all the biology and natural history courses you can find. Be sure to take as much anatomy, geology and geography as you can fit in.

This was my field of study and I have shelves of books on the subject. You should have no trouble finding everything you need in good science sections of good libraries and at good universities that have excellent science departments and faculty.

Enjoy. Happy digging.