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These would be one of the questions that I would like to ask a professional of clinical psychologist: 1)What has surprised you the most about being a clinic psychologist? 2)What is the biggest obstacle you have to live every day at your job? 3) Why you decided to be a clinical psychologist? 4)How did you get your actual job? 5) Could you say some tips for people who want this career?

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Rose’s Answer

What surprised me the most is how inspiring, rewarding and challenging this career is. The biggest obstacle in private practice is finding ways to encourage clients who need the help most to join sessions regularly. Sometimes the very nature of their mental health challenge gets in the way. I love working with people and tend to be a believer in the innate health of each person--so psychology was the best career for me to live into those passions. My current role is actually in business--executive coaching, leadership development, leader assessment--different from my clinical practice. I got into this role through my private practice and a client who wanted to help his team get healthier. My best advice: find a mentor in this field who can support you.