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i have done bachelors in business administration after passing my olevels exams in sciences and in a level i have taken two subjects bio and one other language subject i want to ask that i want to get into the field of medical (Anesthesiologists) can u tell me the prerequisites for getting into medical school in america.

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3 answers

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James’s Answer

There are several steps that a person must take to become an anesthesiologist. The following is the path that most aspiring anesthesiologists take to pursue this career:

Get a bachelor's degree.
Study and pass the MCAT.
Attend medical school.
Take and pass the USMLE.
Participate in a residency.
Become state licensed.
Get board certified

I found a site that should answer all your questions.

can u tell me the prerequisites for entering the med school iman N.

Thnk you very much it helpef alot. iman N.

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James’s Answer

THE MOST IMPORTANT requirement for medical school acceptance is strong academic performance, and an exceedingly low GPA or MCAT entrance exam score can sink an aspiring doctor's chances, according to admission experts.


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Yasemin’s Answer

Hi Iman! To get into a U.S. medical school you need to take certain classes as well as do well on the MCAT in addition showcase your commitment to medicine through extracurriculars.

Class prerequisites are :
Biology (1 year) + lab
Inorganic Chemistry (1 year) + lab
Organic Chemistry (1 year) +lab
Math (Bio Stats/Calculus or Two calculus classes- I would recommend Bio Stats it helps a lot!)
Physics (1 year it can be university or college- college physics is algebra based while university is calculus based) +lab
Biochemistry (all medical schools do not require it but for the MCAT and beyond I would definitely advise to take one semester- that's all that is needed)
English (1 year)

Other recommended courses are:
Anatomy and Physiology
Sociology and Psychology
Language (Spanish preferable)

This exam tests important knowledge about premedical courses you have taken and is advised to complete up to 500 hours of studying before sitting down for it. I would recommend about 3 months or more if responsibilities change. A 508+ is advised to be competitive for medical school but a higher GPA can compensate for a lower MCAT score; I would recommend to keep balance though with GPA and MCAT , therefore it is helpful to do well in classes such as mostly A's and score a 3.7+ GPA as well as a balanced MCAT score across each section.
The MCAT has 4 sections, Chem/Physics, CARS (critical analysis and reasoning section) Bio/Biochem, Socio/Psych, the lowest score is a 492 while the highest is a 528.

In addition to proving oneself academically prepared for medical school it is important to show commitment and passion for the field as well. I would recommend to do volunteering (clinically) and obtain patient interaction as well as non-clinical to showcase altruism and empathy for the field of medicine. These volunteering experiences should be long ( more than a 1 year and accumulate hours- while it's about meaningful experiences it is also important to show commitment to a couple of activities then participate in everything to check boxes). Being a physician and being in medicine is about helping people but more than that connecting with them in their most difficult times therefore to show that an applicant has a strong understanding of what it means to serve others and create meaningful connections will show that they have what it takes to help their patients. It's more of a show don't tell in medicine especially when applying and writing essays. Shadowing a physician is just as important as volunteering; while volunteering should be longer, I think as a premed student you should shadow a physician for some time or a couple if you can and get to know what it means to be a physician. Obtaining a recommendation letter from them is also preferred! Lastly, other extracurriculars can be helpful as well such as research; while all schools will not require research it is nice to have a benchside to bedside perspective. This is especially important and then required if you do want to pursue research as well as a physician in the future.

I would recommend to check out AAMC.org to obtain more information as well as get to sit down with a premed adviser and speak about your situation with classes. I know it may seem like a lot of work, and it is but if you are passionate and dedicated you can definitely do it! Take it one step at a time, take your classes and do well as well as immersing yourself into extracurriculars, then set aside time for the MCAT. Be sure to get to know your professors as you will need two science and one non science letter for almost every medical school in the U.S.

You can be any major and get into medical school, it is about doing well in the prerequisites. If you are an international student but you are completing your education here I would research to see the qualifications to make sure all is set!

I hope this is helpful and I truly wish you the best!
Please let me know if you need more help!

Thnk you so much for your reply it helped me alot iman N.

You're welcome! Yasemin G.