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As someone who does all forms of performing, does it have to be a specific career for you to go into?

Could you please clarify your question? The more clarity and details you provide, the better professionals will be able to answer your questions! Gurpreet Lally

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3 answers

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Kim’s Answer


The short answer is no! People transfer between related careers all the time! And sometimes even into non-related careers. The key thing is to have a general idea where you are going. It sounds like you want to be in Performing Arts. That's a broad field, and you can move around within it. For example, many TV/movie stars go into acting in plays. Perhaps you'd rather be in a support role, lighting/sound/makeup/scene building/ etc. Perhaps you want to become a HS teacher for the school Performing Arts department.

Please don't let well-meaning adults make you think that you have to know exactly where you are headed. Life's a journey, and, the important thing is to have an idea of where you are going, and to take steps to start moving in that direction. The rest will follow!

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Manish’s Answer

I agree with Kim, Its about making a start in area of interest you want to pursue your career and then identify choices you have in that stream. You can start with what you enjoy the most to get your first break. Thereafter once you are part of industry and meet with different people who might be performing certain functions that you may not have imagined. You will discover your ultimate passion and gradually make a switch. I can tell thats how my career progressed and I moved into a role after trying few options.
Don't let others make choices for you. Explore, try and follow your ambition. You will land in a good place finally.

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Brian’s Answer

Based on the tags, it looks like you are interested in the various live performing arts; theatre, music, musical theatre, and dance. Kim and Manish are right that it does not matter what you go into, but your training will dictate to a certain degree. If you have been dancing since you were five, you will find there are more dance doors open than if you started dancing in high school. That doesn't mean you *can't* be a dancer. Far from it. It just means that the path you take will make it easier for you to go into some fields than others. And since your time is not infinite, if you have a preference, spend more of your time focusing on those skills. If you know you want to be in musical theatre, make sure your voice gets primary focus, with dancing and acting as secondary focus. If you know dancing is the most important part of your path, load up on as many styles of dance as possible and make acting secondary and singing tertiary. They are all connected, though. As your body is your instrument for all of them and needs to be flexible and have good endurance regardless of which way you go. Being able to hold those notes while performing high energy choreography is no small feat! And if you can't decide, spread that learning around. The term "triple-threat" exists for a reason. Those people are highly prized on Broadway.

And the best news is, it is never too late to learn! It just gets harder the later you start. But if you want it bad enough, as long as you follow through once you start, you can get there.

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