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How do I find a scholarship?

Am Jephtha at Knust University in ghana level 100 am battling with financial difficulties please help me to have scholarship for me to complete my education and help my society in many aspects I really love my communicate and society #college #money #scholarships #income #income #income

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4 answers

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John’s Answer

Spread the word Jephtha to your employer, family, friends, and members of your community that you’re looking for scholarships. Ask your parents to check with their HR departments at their work about scholarships for family members. There are usually a lot of scholarships offered locally that are not particularly well advertised. You can often find these through your school advisor, in the local paper, or online. Check in directly with local foundations, community organizations, and local businesses to see if they offer any scholarships, too. Don’t be afraid to apply for as many scholarships as you can. There are many to choose from and the more you apply for, the better the chance you will earn money for school. If you only apply for a couple and don’t get them, you will wish you had done more. Thinking outside the box can also be a good idea. There are many different scholarships out there, on all different types of topics. Go beyond the usual ones and see what you can find.

The more work a scholarship requires, the fewer people will apply for it. That means a better chance of you winning the scholarship if you do apply for it. Keep that in mind when you are working on a scholarship application that seems a lot more complicated than others. Make sure you stay super organized when it comes to due dates. Have a calendar just for this. Write down all the due dates and make sure you stay on track. You don’t want to miss out on a scholarship because you missed the date. If you miss a deadline and send in your application late, your scholarship application will go to the bottom of the pile. If you skip out on an award because you think you don't have a good shot at landing that award, you could be missing out on free financial aid. The more scholarship information you have, the more prepared you'll be to start the process and land your share of the free college money out there. You may feel like scholarship awards are too competitive for you to win, but someone has to win, so why shouldn't it be you? There are ways to improve your chances of landing a scholarship, even if it's the most competitive scholarship around.

Good Luck Jephtha

Thank you Simeon for your continued support. Life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change. John Frick

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Taylor’s Answer

Hi Jephtha,

It's so awesome that you are looking for scholarships to continue your education.

First thing I would do is schedule a meeting with your Academic Advisor. They would likely have a lot of information if your University has anything available!

Second - Look into your network. Do you belong to any church groups, clubs or communities? Oftentimes, places of worship, the local city chamber of commerce, or other small/medium sizes local businesses may provide scholarships for students in the community!

Another place that you could find scholarships or grant opportunities would be by looking through you local city newspaper or website.

You could also try doing a more broad search online. I would recommend that you be as specific as possible. Typing in "scholarships" will give you thousands of results. Use more specific keywords such as the names of schools and programs of study to help narrow down the online search.

I applaud you for asking on Career Village as well. Best of luck to you !


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Megan’s Answer

Very proactive to already be looking at ways to reduce the financial burden when furthering your education.
Definitely a good first step is to check in with your school's academic advisor or college advisor if you have one available. They would be able to inform you about scholarships you can apply for through the school, online, and, if you already know where you're going, the college itself. Another thing is that states also offer scholarships as well! That is something you could research, either local scholarships or within the state you live.

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Simeon’s Answer

Most scholarships don't receive applications, so apply to as many of them as you can. Talk to your school counselor about any scholarships you might have overlooked.