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HI. my name is tisetso and when i pesume my matric i want to study a figher pilot . Can someone ellaborate for me why maths and physics are so important and neccesary because without them you cant qualify to be a pilot neither a navigator,air space controller

I Tisetso i love getting challenges from what i love and always positive im a very focused person love working hard wanting a redemption . Friendly with people always nice always ready for any challenge im a strong person .I love being in air ,working on sky that really inspire me and thats my passion . learning about Atmosphere .Anything that consist planes, sky #career

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2 answers

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Mark’s Answer


Flying an airplane along with just about everything is all about Mathematics and Physics. I realized this years ago when studying to be an electrical engineer.

With an airplane, there are things like, "lift", "drag", "speed" and "weight"... During any type of training you have to pass exams on theory. Even truck driving and especially flight training!! You definitely need a basic understanding of math and physics to deal with formulas and calculations that help you figure out things like descent or distance required by an airplane to fly or land at an airstrip.

I drive a truck and on a daily basis I have to calculate things like fuel mileage, how long it's going take to get somewhere, etc. Being an airline pilot you have to calculate fuel, top of descent, tailwind, crosswind, time, weight, etc. Most if not all of these calculations have to be done in your head since using a calculator may not be an option.

Even the people who maintain and repair aircraft should have knowledge of basic physics. For example, through the use of physics we can explain what the concept of thrust means for a jet engine. From there it can be followed up by mathematically calculating the pounds of thrust being created. Physics allows us to explain how everything works! Like how airplanes and helicopters fly or how engines work... You get the picture.

I hope this helps! If you know physics and math, there's almost nothing you can't do!

Good luck!!

mr mark thank you now i understand why they are neccesary now i will make sure that i master them i really appreciate your help at least now i have knowledge Tisetso T.

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Teneil’s Answer

Tistetso ,

Although it seems like these subjects may not be necessary, they teach essential skills such as problem solving. Especially as a fighter pilot you will need to make quick decisions and weigh up options to ensure you make the right decision at the right time.

While all the content in those particular subjects may not seem relevant ,some will likely be needed as a basis as you further your studies in the exciting area!