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How do you know what field is best for you?

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I am in the field of psychology and is confused as what to minor in. #psychology #clinical-psychology #clinical-research

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Rachel’s Answer


<span style="background-color: transparent;">Collegeboard.org is a great resource for this! I poured through the pages of universities all over the U.S. when I was a senior in high school. Collegeboard was my go-to site! They put all of the information in one place and it is very easy to use. They even have various filters you can apply to see only colleges that have programs you are interested. To determine academic rigor, look at the admissions requirements, G.P.A. of past admitted applicants, SAT/ACT scores, class rank etc. This will give you an idea of what scores and grades you need to be accepted. However, don't be discouraged your application will be reviewed based on the full picture! College-board will help you get an idea of what is most important to the specific school you are applying to.</span>

This professional recommends the following next steps:

  • <span style="background-color: transparent;">Chat with your Guidance Counselor</span>
  • <span style="background-color: transparent;">Create a Collegeboard.org account</span>
  • <span style="background-color: transparent;">Start using CollegeBoard as a resource to look up schools.</span>

Dr. Ray’s Answer


Dear Sherry-Lisa,

i agree with Oluwafemi that choosing a minor which interests you is probably the best way to proceed. I majored in psychology but minored in literature and history, which are still passions of mine. If you are interested in studying psychology at a graduate level many psychology departments will indicate which minors they think are preferable. However I would not let that lead you to minor in a subject you don't really like.

One other consideration: many employers look for people with good communication skills, both in speaking and writing, so any minor that requires a lot of writing could have some extra benefits.

I hope these comments are helpful. I wish you the best in your college career..

Linda Ann’s Answer


I agree that a communications minor would be useful for your future or even a minor in a second language IF that sounds like something that would interest you. It all depends on what your long-term goals are.

IF you are a freshman at your college or university (and I don't have a sense from what you've written), you will have lots of time to explore different courses before you need to decide on a minor. If a course you take really gets your interested ignited, then that topic is probably a good one for you as a minor. Note that a minor is NOT required in many programs - each college/university has it's own guidelines for taking a minor.

IF your plans include graduate school, I would recommend focusing your time and energy on developing relationships with the psychology faculty at your institution and volunteering your time to assist on one of the research projects of the faculty....that type of experience is really needed these days to get into a graduate program at a top flight university!

Good luck and don't fret right now on which minor, if any, to pursue.

Oluwafemi’s Answer


I think the most important thing for you to do is pick a minor in an area that interests you. Im currently a psychology major at the University of Maryland, College Park, and i have also wanted to pick a minor for a while now. I am currently considering Classical Mythology because i have an interest in that area. The best thing for you to do is look at the range of minors your school provides, and pick something you find interesting. You don't need to pick a minor that stresses you out, you already have a major for that. Pick something that plays towards your strength and is something you would love to learn more about.