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For any Computer Science graduate - What is the job search like after you graduate? After receiving the diploma do most contact companies that exist to work for them or is it more in the guidelines of you yourself or a group starting up a new company?

I am in the top 1% in my class and I initially wanted to be an engineer, but that changed as i really loved coding in school. Writing codes and understanding them come easy to me and I really like the idea of a big open market in which a programmer can to gain attention from applications that benefit learning or creating a functional game. #computer-science #computer-software #computer #computer-games

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2 answers

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Daniel’s Answer

Typically you are applying before you get your diploma, and applying to many places. If you've had an internship, you can talk to that company about coming back full time.

I personally applied to like 10 companies, mostly not local, and only got a callback from one local company and one out west (Amazon).

Starting a new company is an option, with tradeoffs.

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Steven’s Answer

Most of the CS majors I know were all applying to jobs at established firms. The students in university programs that provided co-op work experience (e.g. Northeastern University in Boston) were in the best position because they already had professional experience with technical employers.

I think the best resource to help students look for employment is the Career Resource Center at their school. Although the name of the office may differ slightly between schools, this office is established to help students find relevant employment following graduation. It's helpful to visit the office early in your college education to learn about their services. They will often schedule alumni to make presentations about their employers, and to talk with students who have questions just like you.

These resource centers provide a wealth of assistance to help students transition from the academic environment to professional employment.

Good luck with your search.