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Can you please give me some interviewee question for Cebu Pacific flight attendant

My name is kim and i'm from davao city, I'm an aspiring flight attendant of cebu pacific pleased to meet you.
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Hi Kim! I’m having trouble understanding your question. What information are you seeking? What advice would you like to receive from Professionals about becoming a flight attendant? I’m not sure Pros will know how to help. Please edit your title to be a question, or provide some extra details so we know how we can help! Thank you! 🙂 Alexandra Carpenter, Admin
hi nice to meet you to danica C.
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3 answers

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Gloria’s Answer

Hi Kim,

I actually did a quick search on the internet for your question - what types of questions will you be asked during an interview with Cebu-Pacific? I was surprised to find some answers. (See below.)

I would say that you need to make sure to think about how your current job experience, talents, and skills relate to the job that you are applying for. Make sure that you highlight how you have handled difficult interactions with customers. Explain your experience with flying and food handling, both good and bad. I would express your interest in travel and where you have traveled. You need to highlight why you would be the best candidate. Research online expectations for flight attendants. Sites like GlassDoor can highlight challenges presented by specific airlines or just the role in general.


Gloria recommends the following next steps:

Look at articles like:
Thank you so much for your help Ms. Gloria... I really appreciate your effort. kim L.
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Lisa’s Answer

I am a strong believer that going through an interview is a two way thing - the company is interviewing you for suitability AND you are also interviewing them - is it somewhere you want to work and build a career?

My suggestion would be to think about what is important for you in your job and think of questions relating to this - for example -
-If climate change and what corporations are doing to support this is important for you, you could ask questions about their policies and plans
-If you want to advance from flight attendant into higher levels, you might want to ask about what training and development they offer or where people in this role typically progress to
-If you want to understand how they support their employees, you could ask about how their performance feedback process works, you could ask about the culture and environment, do they have a values and mission statement etc

hi! i highly appreciate your effort and answer thank you so much... kim L.
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John’s Answer

Please be aware that my interest in aviation is as a private pilot and as a general enthusiast. My advice might be a bit general, but here are some pointers:
1) Be prepared to show your interest in the job that Flight Attendants do.
2) Be prepared to show your interest in the airline and general knowledge of that airline.
3) Be prepared to simply demonstrate your own good attributes.
4) Be attentive to what any interviewer says and respond accordingly. I.E. strike a balance between giving an unsolicited speech versus being silent until asked a question.
5) Prepare yourself by positive thinking and be prepared to shine!