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what college courses should I take if I want to be a YouTuber?

Updated Justin, Texas

I am 12 and when I grow up I want to be a YouTuber. I promised my mom I would go to collage but you don't need to go to collage to be a YouTuber. So what collage courses can I take? #gaming #youtube #blogging

4 answers

Natalie’s Answer

Updated Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hi Tommy, You don't need a particular degree to achieve Youtube fame but you have to have an expertise that are interesting to many people. Did you know Adele got her start on Youtube? If you want to sing on youtube then focus on your music skills. If you want to do funny science experiments on youtube, then take science courses at school. Ask yourself, "what do I most like to watch on youtube and what do I need to be able to do this?" It sounds like you might want to be a performer? Maybe join the school choir or try out for a play?

I'll be seeing you on youtube!


Hi Natalie, I want to be a gaming YouTuber, so what collage would be good for me?
Hi Jess, Here is a website with the top gaming programs in the US https://successfulstudent.org/best-video-game-colleges/. I have heard very positive things about NYU, Drexel, Savannah College of Art and Design, Art Institute, Michigan State, University of Souther California, Carnegie Melon, Parsons, Robert Morris U, Hampshire College, just to name a few. I hope this helps. Good Luck! Natalie

Rohit’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Following Courses can help:

Media and Communication

Film Making/Editing

Story Telling


You also need to decide on the field you have to choose for youtube videos, all youtubers have their own strong field of interest in which they are masters. Build your capability into what you want to showcase on your youtube channel

Rohit recommends the following next steps:

  • Media and Communication
  • Build capability for your speciality of youtube videos

Joey’s Answer

Updated Tampa, Florida

Greetings Tommy! In addition to focusing on your particular topic for your YouTube channel, as Ms. Fein mentioned, you may also want to look into some video production/editing courses along with some basic web design skills. Having the ability to edit/produce your content and design your website is a huge asset, especially when you are getting started.

Once you are established you can hire other people to do that work, but understanding the process of creating content, and how to utilize your social media, website, etc. to promote that content is very important. Fortunately, colleges are offering courses in social media, online marketing, and other related fields now. Just stay focused and pursue your passion. You will be great!

Hi Tommy! You can also go to college and get a degree in Communications. It will help you aquire communication skills that could be very useful for your future career. Also, you would learn a lot about production, editing, and broadcasting.

reggie’s Answer

Updated Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania

you may want to go to a college with classes for film making and editing and acting