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I want to be a Television Reporter in Orange County/ Los Angeles at ABC7. Overall what is it like to be one and what are some things I should know about television reporters. In other words I just want important information about being a New reporter.

Could you explain what types of jobs I may find and what a day in life really looks like. Also could you explain what a Television reporter is? career job

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1 answer

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Lisa’s Answer

Hi Kevin,

I like your very focused and direct question. See below for a few suggestions:

1) Check out this resource to learn what's it's like to be a television reporters: Once you've accessed this site, type in the search bar (top right) television reporter; the search will yield several career options that are the same or similar to this career option. Choose the one that best aligns with your career direction (of course you can view as many as you like) and view the details behind this career option. At the top, the option 'Summary' provides you with a quick overview of this career and the second tab 'Details' will offer you a more detailed view. I especially like this site as one of my favorites because of the comprehensive overview of any career option including the task involved, technology, knowledge and training required, skills/interests best suited for this type of career, earnings, etc.

2) Conduct information interviews. This requires a very thoughtful approach including making direct contact with someone who works in the industry you're interested in (alumni; friend; etc.) and requesting the opportunity to conduct an informational interview. Check with your guidance counselor and/or career counselor for assistance with pursuing this option. Or, try Googling "How to Conduct an Informational Interview" for guidance.

3) Perhaps job shadow a professional in the field. With a current pandemic it may be difficult to job-shadow (in-person as it's typically done) but may you can ask for a virtual view.

Best of luck!