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As a chemistry major, what are some gen ed classes I can take that would apply to my degree and help me in the field in the future?

I am a chemistry major, and I am working on my schedule for the upcoming summer and fall semesters. I am seeking advice about gen ed classes that will help me in the future. science career-counseling chemistry scheduling scientists chem chemistry-major chem-major

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2 answers

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Debbie’s Answer

Chemistry majors study a lot of math. You can look into taking math courses. Physics and biology are also helpful to some degree but focus on chemistry topics. Study chemistry jargon carefully and make sure that you gain understanding. Make it a goal to achieve comprehension in chemistry jargon. Be efficient in math.

Thank you for the feedback! Maria T.

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Adam’s Answer

Chemistry seems like it's own entity when it comes to visualizing and understanding elements along with their interactions. The best way to ensure confidence in a career in this field is to first outline a career path you'd like to venture into with a chemistry degree. There are many different avenues to bloom a successful career with a Bachelors in Chemistry and the opportunities broaden when obtaining a Masters/PhD/minors/dual majors.

Below are a few ideas of some standard general and elective classes that help science/engineering focused majors career wise outside of their standard curriculum coursework.
- Environmental Science courses
- Nanotechnology (Intro's or specified topic driven)
- Atmospheric Study courses (Air pollution, VOCs, emission controls, etc.)
- Pharmaceutical studies
- Infectious disease Intro courses
- Biology related courses (Marine, BioTech, BioChem)
- Computer software courses (Minitab, Excel, Projects, Access)
- Math courses (Calculus beyond integrations, Statistics)
- Business courses (Finance, marketing, project management, accounting)
-Technical Writing classes

There are many courses that Chemistry, and other majors, can dabble in to ensure exposure to concepts and learnings that help your career and ultimately personal life as well.