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What are the average working hours of a counselor? Does it depend on the type or individual? Is there a cut off time?

I want to say that it would be like a 9-5 job because a counselor has to have his/her own time for their life right? I also feel like sometimes clients are in placed in tough positions and see the counselor/ therapist as their only place of comfort. counselor therapist family-therapy marriage-therapist marriage-counselor family-counsleor

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3 answers

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi Angela,

In many full-time jobs you'll work standard office hours, Monday to Friday, seeing clients for around 20 hours a week. Work can be in various locations, like schools, colleges, GP surgeries or hospitals.

You may also work over the telephone and internet with company employees, or in the evenings in an advice centre.

Read more information in:


Thank you! Angela A.

Also, I noticed that the website you linked references the salary in euros and mentions the UK. Is this only referring to counselor jobs in the UK or is it just a general guide to what I could be doing? Angela A.

Yes, you are righ. The salary is in euros and mentions UK. However the site have us important information about the career in general. Daniela Silva

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Nancy’s Answer

At my first full-time counseling job I worked 37-1/2 hours per week, 9 to 5 with 1/2 hour for lunch, 4 days a week. The other weekday we had to work 1 pm to 9 pm to accommodate families that could only attend counseling sessions in the evenings due to work obligations. Additionally, counselors must be available by telephone after hours if they work in a mental health center due to occasional crises like suicidal thoughts or dangerous behaviors. Other settings like schools may not have that obligation. In private practice, hours are much more flexible and more clients want weekend or evening hours often.

Ok thank you Angela A.

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Jennifer’s Answer

In most jobs, it will be the standard hours 9-5