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How to choose which animation specialization to study?

Hello! I'm interested in having a career in animation. When I started looking at animation more closely, I thought "animator", "producer", and "director" were the only job titles you could have. Turns out there's many different jobs to choose from.

However, I have no idea which area to choose!

How do I know if I want to focus on design, storyboarding, or scriptwriting?

Furthermore, how do I choose between I've heard of Background (BG) Artist, Character Designer, Prop Designer, Color Designer, etc.?

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3 answers

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Erica’s Answer

Hi, Tatiana!

It is amazing how much talent and work is involved in an animated piece, isn't it? The good news is you do not have to know which specialty to choose right now.

Typically, a college major will cover more than one area of specialty and the courses you take will expose you to different aspects of the profession. This can help you narrow your focus when it's time to transition from college to career.

If you have some colleges in mind, go to their websites and look at the pages for the major you want to study. The site will probably list all of the required classes and how many electives you can take. The site will also probably have a link to a course catalog with descriptions of each class. By exploring this information, you can verify that earning the degree will expose you to multiple aspects of animation.

Give yourself permission to set aside the worry about what to do for work and instead focus on learning all you can while studying. Trust that your classes will help you identify your best fits.

Enjoy the journey!
Thank you comment icon Hi Erica! I really appreciate your advice. Thank you for your help. Tatiana
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Alexandra’s Answer

Hi Tatiana,
I agree with Erica; you do not have to have it all figured out just yet. A family friend who just finished her Sophomore year at Regent College with a major in Animation spent her first two years exploring different classes to really work out who she wants to end up in. Everything she is learning will enrich her experience and bring her closer to her end goal- a career in animation! Find a college with a good program and take a few different classes in your first couple of semesters and you will work it out.
Good luck!
Thank you comment icon Hi Alexandra. This is really reaffirming. Thank you so much! Tatiana
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Nicole’s Answer

I do not know your capabilities, nontheless, I would advise you to try yourself in various fields and see what you can do for a long period of time and do you have a strong desire to develop in this area. Whether it's drawing or writing (design, storyboarding, scriptwriting)
Does the profession suit your character, your financial capabilities, whould you like to work remotly or on-site?
If you first answer these questions to yourself, then you will have a clearer idea of what you want.
If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask :) I will try my best to help you.
Thank you comment icon Hello! Thank you so much for this advice. I will ask questions in the future when I need to. :) Tatiana