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What steps should I take to become a fashion designer and started my own business? What is a typical day for a fashion designer Also, where can I go to college to become a fashion designer?

Hi, my name is Nicole I live in San Jose CALIFORNIA!!!!!! I have loved design my own things and being original. I want to basically know what I have to do to become a fashion designer. #fashion #fashion-design #design #entrepreneurship

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Being a fashion designer and starting your own business require 2 different skill sets. It sounds like fashion is your first love, so I would start by learning the craft of fashion design and looking for a school that specializes in fashion design. Do you want to stay in California? Or look at out of state schools? Do you want a big school or a smaller school? You will also want to be looking at schools that have a strong internship program-there is nothing better than on the job training! Once you have a strong foundation in fashion design then you will be better equipped to consider starting your own business. Developing your creative talent and vision is something that will be unique to you; enjoy the process. #fashion-design, #fashion-industry, #fashion-courses
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