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What would you say would be the required amount of years in college for the music industry?

Hello, my name is Ramon; and I am currently a 17 year old high school senior and I am currently wondering if I may be able to receive a few answers to a few questions that I would like to receive answers to. Apologies for the intrusion of asking these questions if they may seem redundant. I would sincerely like to know the answers to this question.
How many years of college would one be required to acquire a career in the music or digital audio industry? I was just wondering to myself the above, as I am currently trying to probe the internet for websites for how many years would be required to get into it. And how many years would it take to acquire a job in this creative industry? Most say that it only takes 2 or personal creative skill; but apart from school how much would it honestly take in terms of school to acquire a job in the recording industry?

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2 answers

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Michael’s Answer

Hi Ramon, This question has two sides to it. In our industry, as in most, having a degree will put you ahead in the game. People like to see that you have the degree in your field. There are some schools that provide two year associates degrees, two year bachelors degrees, and 4 year bachelors degrees. Any of these can be sufficient, but some jobs require the bachelors degree. Now while the degree is great to have and will help, the entertainment industry is largely based on your experience and connections. I encourage you that while you are in school, volunteer or intern in your chosen field as much as possible. Strive to be the best volunteer/intern you can. Employment in the entertainment industry is largely based on your experience and skill. While the degree is great to have, experience cannot be replaced. My words to leave you with are to strive to be the best at what you do and take every opportunity you see. Your first few opportunities won't be about the money, but the experience. Good luck.

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Devon’s Answer

There are many associates, certifications, and bachelors degrees available to help you earn credentials for a career in music or digital audio. I personally found great value in a local 2-year certification program where I learned much about foundations of music, electronics, and audio production techniques. I probably could have received that same foundation in 2 years from interning, but then I would not have the certifications, which can make it easier to get an interview if you eventually want to work in the industry in traditioally structured company setting. In my experience, I have found it most helpful to narrow my focus and pursue specific skillsets that most interest me, which can lead to more speciaized and freelance-type work. For example, a career in live music production looks quite different from one specializing in producing scores for film, and the educational persuits and paths to get there may look quite different, too. Unsure of what you're exactly interested in? That's okay! I recommend not limiting or pressuring yourself and continuing to learn and make contacts with those around you. Never pass up an opportunity to learn something new! Your interests and experiences can lead you down a very diverse career path, but that's what makes it fun! Hope this helps!

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