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What langauge courses would be most beneficial to study in university?

Most universities (that I have seen) require a language as a part of your study program. Are there any languages that are preferred by employers or should be considered more (i.e. ASL, Chinese, Spanish..) or can it just be our preference? Thank you!
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Hi Ashley You can select the languages you like to learn, just that the Spanish, Chinese, japanish are some of the most needed at the moment it will encrease your possibilities to succed in your future Career and that´s the reason why is sujested at the universities as preferable to study , hope it help in spanish in English in Spanish and Japanish
Last updated Dec 07 '17 at 06:40 PM
Ashley, Being in the professional field now, I see most jobs ask for the employer to be bilingual. The most common language I see is Spanish; although some jobs as for other languages such as French and Chinese. If you want to learn a different language in college, I would go for Spanish. Serge
Last updated Sep 10 at 06:58 PM
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