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What should I major in college to go into med school?

I am a junior at Las Lomas high school in Walnut Creek, California and I'm interested in becoming an anesthesiologist. I like chemistry more than biology and one of my teachers recommended me to do biochemistry. I was wondering if there are any other major that are interesting but not mainstream like biology. Any help to this question is great, thanks :)
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Hi Arv, Glad your interested in a science! Ultimately, it doesn't matter what you major in to become a doctor, you just have to go to medical school after your undergraduate studies. I suggest just choosing something you like. I personally majored in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology because I like proteins and DNA, and did not like other biology topics like phylogeny. Some other types of popular bio & chemistry majors are genetics, pharmaceutical chemistry, organic chemistry, and microbiology. You may also want to check with the university you intend to attend too. Different universities offer different courses and major choices. Best of luck!
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